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+ Paul & Angela +

Paul and Angela wanted part of their Engagement Shoot to happen in the park where Paul proposed. The story was so sweet and I was absolutely thrilled when they asked if we could go back to Postman Park to take some photos. This beautiful little park is so peaceful, hidden away from all the hustle and bustle of the city making it the perfect spot for Paul to set up a picnic "date" for the unsuspecting Angela.

 The exact spot where he popped the question... and she said YES!

As Paul & Angela were also going to have a Wedding Celebration in Singapore, we visited some of the London landmarks as part of the photoshoot. We went to several locations around London such as St Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, South Bank with the London Eye and Big Ben.




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A London Wedding: Janis & Angie (St Helen's Bishopsgate)

Time has really flown by quickly as we approached the lovely Janis & Angie's Wedding Day. It didn't seem so long ago that I was taking their Engagement Photoshoot at The Tate Modern & St Paul's Cathedral. It was in the middle of Winter but the sun shone brightly, just as it did for Janis & Angie's as the Summer weather had arrived just in time for their Wedding Day. Family and friend's from all over the world including Singapore and Lithuania attended the ceremony at St Helen's Bishopsgate Church, followed by a reception at St Andrew's Undershaft


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Engagement Party: Sonia & Shivam (Lordswood Leisure Centre, Kent)

What a stunning couple Sonia & Shivam are as they arrive at the Lordswood Leisure Centre, Kent for their Engagement Party beautifully clad in their matching greens outfit. The day started with Sonia & Shivam walking around to meet and greet their guests who are enjoying the lovely sunny day in the marquee and gardens before heading into the main hall for the ceremony to begin.

I absolutely loved the beautiful Saris the guests were wearing. The entire day was so vibrant and colourful and all the guests looked wonderful in them.

I have never been to a Hindu engagement party before and it was a wonderful experience to be there taking photos for them. The guests headed into the main hall for the ceremony which began with the arrival of the Maharaj. 










The day was very eventful and after the blessing from the Maharaj it continued with the Chandlo ceremony, receiving of Matli, a ring proposal, cake cutting and ending with the lively Raas and Garba dance.

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Couples Session Photoshoot: Mark & Fee

Alas! The sun has finally come out after months of very cold weather. It was still freezing cold nonetheless but just seeing the sunshine was good enough to put a smile on everyone's face. After a delicious American Diner style lunch with the wonderful Mark & Fee, we walked around Kensington and ended up in the beautiful Holland Park for the photoshoot.


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Product Photography: A Graphic Designer's Portfolio

When it comes to Art (all forms of it), I have a great respect for the people working behind the scenes to produce it. Besides looking forward to the photoshoot being a different style of photography that I have previously done, I was super excited to meet the very talented Joanne Omigie, to help capture photos of her beautiful portfolio work. 

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Events: Stoli Launch Party at Revolution

What a way to kick off the Easter holidays by having the Stoli Vodka Launch Party at the Revolution bars nationwide! From now on the Revolution Bar's main house pour is the delicious Russian Stolichnaya Vodka, which comes in a variety of flavours such as Orange, Citrus and many more...

The Stoli competition for the night involved getting your photo taken with one of the "I ♥ Stoli" or "I ♥ Revs" signs available from the bar  and entering the competition. 

If all that wasn't enough... there was also Russian Dancing!



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Maltby Market Engagement Photo Shoot: Dav & Steph

For this Engagement photoshoot with Dav & Steph, I could not be more excited as we headed down towards Maltby Market, Bermondsey. Not only was it combining two of my most favourite things in the world, food and photography... :D but the Maltby market is special to both Dav & Steph. They wanted to share where they regularly spend their Saturday mornings enjoying delicious food, whilst the photoshoot took place as we walked, ate and chatted making it such a wonderful day out!

Just stopping to enjoy the most delicious custard donuts and coffee on Ropewalk Street with the most compatible foodie couple I have ever met! We had manage to stop by the donut stall, have some Spanish Jamon (me gusta!), croissants, organic apple juice, beer and so many more!

There was never a dull moment with Dav & Steph and it was so lovely seeing them just being themselves together with a wonderful playful dynamics between them. I really had so much fun with this photoshoot and will definitely be back at this market for more yummy food! Om nom nom!

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London Engagement Photo Shoot: Janis & Angie

Starting from the Tate Modern, across the Millennium Bridge and ending up at St Paul's Cathedral, this Engagement photo shoot with Janis and Angie was such a joy to do. I could not have asked for a better couple to take my first Engagement photo shoot with.

Not only were Janis and Angie such a sweet and wonderful couple together, they were so much fun to be around and incredibly sporting.

We were so blessed with the weather, the sun shone brightly after days of miserable rain and was made even brighter by the amazing matching yellow bow tie and scarf!

They came up with a fantastic idea to include their 'Save the Date' in the photos for their Wedding invitations, so off we went taking photos with and without the blackboard :)


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A Day Out In London A lovely day out and about in London with my gorgeous best friend from the good old school days.
For years we have both lived in different countries and only in the recent months have we found ourselves in the same Country/ Town/ Area... but not for long. So we decided before she left on her new adventures to have a girly day out and do a really fun photo shoot as 'tourists' in London :)


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Richmond Park with the Deers It was a beautiful sunny, but freezing cold day so a trip to Richmond Park was the perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
This was my first time visiting the park and got extremely excited when I saw the deers roaming around freely, eating grass and minding their own business

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Events: Richmond Revolution Bar Currently I am the official photographer for the Richmond Revolution Bar, under I AM VIP photography company available all around the UK. I'll be there every Saturday, so if you happen to be around come by and say Hello! 

On the last Friday of every month there is a theme and games like Vodka Limbo and Spicy Wing Challenge giving you a chance to win free shots or buckets of beer!
These are just a collection from a few albums I have done, if you would like to see weekly updates of please join the Richmond Revolution Bar Facebook Page or click on the links below for the full albums that I've done for the venue.


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Wedding in Surrey: Andy & Leanne (Wentworth Club) What a beautiful day for a Wedding!

The sun was shining brightly and it was smiles all round as the guests started to arrive at the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Englefield Green before heading off to the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club after.

Starting the day off arriving at the Church as a guest for this Wedding, I have know Leanne and Andy for many years now and was extremely excited to share this big day with them. The Groom and the Groomsmen were getting ready in the sunshine. The Groom helps to put the finishing touches to the beaming Mother of the Groom's outfit before heading into the Church and waiting the arrival of the Bride.

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing the absolutely delighted Father of the Bride walking his daughter down the aisle. Beaming from ear to ear and exchanging cheeky excited glances with the guests

Congratulations and introducing the beautiful couple and newly weds MR & MRS TAYLOR
Hats & Fascinators were encouraged to be worn in the invites and they look beautiful on the ladies and in the sunshine
The Wedding Breakfast was absolutely fantastic and I was so glad to be able to rest my camera and have a taste of it... well after taking photos of it first! Butternut squash tart, Apple Cider Sorbet, Juicy Chicken stuffed with Mushrooms and a Trio Platter of Passion Fruit Tart, Coconut Ice Cream in a Basket and Mango Mousse
The Tea Ceremony, a Chinese Tradition where tea is served by the newly weds to members of the family on both sides as a sign of respect and introduction into the new family. What a beautiful tradition to have in a modern day Wedding to represent the marriage of two wonderful people and of cultures.

And if all the eating, drinking, tea ceremonies, lion dancing wasn't spectacular enough we now head to the dance floor for the Bride & Groom's first dance. The Bride and Groom were definitely born to dance, doing several styles of dances to a mash up track... even nailing the shuffle!

If there is such thing as a dancing gene, it was definitely present in the Father-Daughter Dance. All the judges on Strictly Come Dancing would have scored it a Perfect 10! (both are huge fans of strictly) From a slow dance to upbeat tempo tracks, the guests were definitely cheering and enjoying every moment of it.




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